Can I get specialist advice about my stress problem from you?

No, not on this site. I am not a medical practioner. I can provide you with lifestyle suggestions and information only.

Where can I go for specialist advice?

The first port of call will probably be your doctor, who may refer you to a Stress Therapist. There are a variety of services available, both on the NHS and from private practices.

So what is this site for?

This site is mainly a discussion forum that is intended to make suggestions and comment on how you can build effective stress prevention strategies. Talking and learning about stress can help many people effectively beat stress. Information is a good starting point.

Can you provide information about specific stress issues?

Due to the amount of work I have done in my attempts to understand stress and its effects, I may well be able to post articles on specific topics on this site. Email me with a topic enquiry and I will try to include it in my weekly blog.

If I contribute to your blog, will you mention me?

I never make specific reference to individuals in my comments. Please remember that the Blog is in the public domain so try not to name people. If you require personal correspondence then use the contact section on this site.

Is this site free to use?

Definitely, yes. I make no charge for discussing topics you may request. This is a discussion forum not a consultancy. As with any internet sites, I have no control over your website/network access charges.

What other services do you offer?

For Organisations: I work as a Compliance Advisor for Health and Safety, Quality, Environmental and Ethical Business Management Systems and I am a Certificated Auditor, registered with IRCA. I have public liability and professional indemnity insurance for stress management activities. If you would like some help in producing stress management policies and procedures then contact me via the email form in the Contact section.

For Individuals: I would like to repeat, I am not a medical practioner and I only offer lifestyle, complimentary or holistic types of advice to individuals. Please contact me via the email form in the Contact section if you require further information.